What other parents say about our swimming school

Here are some of the things other parents whose children have been on our swimming school have said.

Jane’s Swim School has made me 10 times the swimmer I was. It also taught both my children to swim and now they’re becoming better than me

I love going swimming, the teachers are great and we have lots of fun.
When Abbie started her lessons she could not swim and had very little confidence, with the support of the instructors she is now swimming and her confidence has grown. This new found confidence has helped her greatly at school.

Abbie aged 8

Jane’s Swim School has taught my children from Parent and Toddler classes through to adult classes and given them the love of swimming and the confidence in the water that I wish I had. It was a lucky find. Both my daughters now out-swim their peers and this has all been down to them looking forward to their lessons each week. Jane has a special ability to connect with the children. They all love her.

I love my lessons at Jane’s swim school. So much that I do two of them!
I am not a sporty person, but I have always been made to feel confident in the classes
They taught me to swim and now I have joined the adult classes!

Ella (aged 13 yrs)

They are very child friendly. By that I mean that what they say can be understood by all ages of children
They show you what they mean for you to do instead of just telling you, which I think is really good

Freya (aged 10yrs)

I like swimming with Jane because it’s lots of fun. I was so proud when I learned to swim on my back all by myself without the floats. I like Jane’s Swim School because everyone is nice and I can learn to swim with my friend Milena.

Emma aged 5

I’ve been very impressed with the standard of teaching.

Thank you for teaching me to swim, I have really enjoyed it.

The swim school is brilliant it is the highlight of Benjamin (age 5) week.

Since my daughter started to learn to swim she has loved every minute of it. The standard of teaching is excellent.