One to One Lessons

Our teachers are able to provide some private one to one lessons alongside our existing swim school classes.

All requests for private lessons will be placed upon a waiting list. Please note that this list is general and those who desire one to one sessions will be offered the first available slot with the first available teacher. If a particular teacher is requested the individual will be placed on a list to wait for that specific teacher to have an available slot.


learning to float in pool

Payment and Cancellation Policy:


  • One to one lessons are £20(per child) per half hour session. This price may differ subject to individual arrangements with the teacher.
  • Payments for one to one lessons are to be paid direct to the teacher at the time of the session (unless specifically arranged otherwise).
  • Cost of one to one sessions are subject to change (termly).



  • Timing of sessions may be changed with 24 hours notice providing both the teacher and customer are in agreement.
  • Regular one to one session slots are guaranteed for the length of the swim school term. Continuation into following terms is possible and the session slot will remain that of the existing customer until the start of the new term. If no intention of continuation has been given by the time of the first scheduled session the slot may be offered to another customer on the waiting list.



  • Cancellation of one to one sessions within 24 hours of the sessions start time will incur the full cost of the session made payable to the teacher.
  • Cancellation of sessions over 24 hours prior to the sessions start time will incur no cost.
  • When cancellation is required by the teacher, we will endeavour to give 24 hours notice however this may not always be possible (i.e. severe weather, illness, pool maintenance issue). If available alternative time slots or an alternative teacher may be offered to ensure continuity of lessons.

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